About Us

What Makes Us Bright

Company Overview

Our company strives to make chic jewelry including eyes, hamsas, Judaic items, crosses, four leaf clovers, fish, elephants, Buddha‘s and many other trendy and spiritual designs. All of which are made into a large line of bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. We do manufacture client designs or can work with client concepts to develop their own models and designs.

Our line uses only the finest high grade materials including .925 sterling silver, gold vermeil, base metal with plated gold, US manufactured Gold filled beads, chains and finding, gemstones for beaded itemsSterling silver pendants, chains and other components, Silk, nylon and cotton cords, Fresh water pearls, Sapphires, Rubies and more.

No matter how much the line continues to grow, we will always remain the same, and produce designs of the highest excellence for our valued clients all over the world.

With us you can create your own custom collection based on beaded bracelet, necklaces or charm. Choose from an array of diamond charms, colorful beads and luxurious chains to create your own unique pieces!

The success of the line can be attributed to Paula’s ability to unite her deepest source of inspiration, reflecting timeless concepts of spirituality, sentiment, and personal expression.

Our History

The Early years
What began as a hobby for Paula Vivas, suddenly turned into a high fashion statement company. Sundar Designs is a fashion jewelry characterized by its bohemian, cool, and chic look.  SD is considered a must by many women. Inspired by love of lucky amulets and exotic jewelry and fueled by the desire to produce the highest quality product, we have created a line just for you. 
Made in USA
Our products are proudly Made in USA by our own workshop, using domestic and foreign materials and have been providing “jewelry to die for” to clients all over the world for many yearsWith Our commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality enable us to expend into many markets successfully.



All businesses are welcome to apply for wholesale status, however, only those businesses that provide a valid Sales Tax Exemption Number Resale Certificate Number can be approved. In addition, please be advised that orders at the wholesale level are subject to our minimum purchase requirement.

Jewelry Care

Beaded Bracelets:

Each SD ™ beaded bracelet is made from the highest quality materials. These materials are often cut from natural sources and the use of hairsprays, lotions, colognes or perfumes can alter the natural state of the materials used. For this reason our bracelets are highly sensitive to water and wearing them while sleeping, showering, exercising, or in a pool or sauna should be avoided. These elements can weaken the elastic cord that holds the bracelet together and can contribute to breakage in the future if not cared for properly.


To ensure the longevity of your SD ™ beaded bracelet, ROLL the bracelet on or off your arm, rather than pull, stretch or tug on the beads. Repetitive tugging and pulling can cause the elastic weaken and break over time and should be avoided. To maintain the beauty of your beaded bracelets, we recommend cleaning the beads by using mineral oil that has been wiped off with a soft, white cloth.

14k Gold Filled

Just like other fine chains, can be delicate and should be treated with the utmost care. Do not pull or tug on them. They are fine jewelry too and should be treated as such in order to prevent damage.


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